Mid July – The time of year where unrelenting heat leads to scorching summer days, providing little to no relief for those outdoors. The hot summer sun, the humidity index, the smog… it all contributes to the heat.

Montrealers are looking for ways to cool down wherever they can find them. For indoor residential and commercial locations, air conditioning is simply the most effective method of cooling down.
Guaranteed Industries offers installation, service, repair, maintenance and inspection of HVAC systems.

Due to the drastic temperature changes that Montreal and Quebec face on a yearly basis, air conditioning equipment may not always function properly. Problems with your HVAC system may lead to the following disadvantages:


  • Decreased air quality
  • Lack of comfort
  • Increased operation costs
  • Mould throughout the ventilation system
  •  Decreased lifespan of your air conditioning system

We offer the best air conditioning systems with industry-leading equipment and service.

We will ensure that you see all the benefits.

Save Money
A properly maintained ventilation system will save you money on your electricity costs because it will be far more energy-efficient than one that is poorly maintained.

Improve Air Quality
Improve the air quality in your home or building such that it becomes a healthy breathing zone for all occupants. Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, duct cleaning is quite the refresher!

Decreased Mould
Bacteria and mould love to grow in ventilation systems. Kill bacteria and remove the dust that is contaminating your building. Changing your filters is the first step towards fixing this ever-growing problem.

Prolong the Lifespan of your System
By properly maintaining your air conditioning system, you can extend its life. However, in the event that your air conditioning system does fail, give us a call and we will handle the replacement installation.