Air exchangers

Air Exchangers installed by Guaranteed Industries will greatly improve a building’s interior micro-climate.

In winter, our insulated buildings form an airtight barrier and moisture becomes trapped in with us creating an unhealthy environment.

To combat this problem, it is necessary to ventilate.  Guaranteed Industries offers a programmable microclimate air exchanger with a heat recovery heat pump.

  • Central building ventilation
  • Winter dehumidification
  • Window defogger, defroster
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reoxygenates the air at the optimum level of 21%
  • Preheats cold air for free (mini heat pump)
  • Ultra efficient air filtering
  • Choice of air filters for all problems (allergies, outside odors, etc.)
  • Electronically controlled with multiple sensors
  • Fully programmable
  • Dehumidifies in summer
  • AIr conditioning capabilities
  • Automatic cool/heat mode (thermostatic)