Mechtronix Systems Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of Flight Simulation Training Devices with a presence in America, Europe and Asia.  Their state-of-the-art flight simulators train pilots for general, business and commercial aviation.

Forward thinking design and engineering from Guaranteed Industries provides the cooling solutions required by Mechtronix for their flight simulators.  Global sales of these products especially to markets in Latin America and Asia create challenges including limited clean water supply for traditional HVAC systems.

Guaranteed Industries supplies Mechtronix with “outside the box” technology developed by lead design engineer M.Chaudhary.   With over 37 years of HVAC experience as a senior consultant for Guaranteed Industries, Mr. Chaudhary brings a customized approach to his clients.

“We’re proud to supply HVAC systems for Mechtronix flight simulators who are setting new industry standards for higher fidelity, reliability, cost efficiency and safety,” says Mr. Chaudhary.