Recently a news article was published in the Montreal Gazette regarding the regular maintenance of air conditioners and the importance of such practices.

Mike Holmes writes in the article that throughout the year, many people do not really think about the maintenance or inspection of their AC unit. However, when the scorching heat of the summer comes around and breaks their air conditioning unit, the uncomfortable temperatures and delays of repair start kicking in.

He highlights that air conditioners require regular maintenance and filter changes and that it is important to make sure this is taken care of on a yearly basis. In order for the air conditioner to work properly, the condenser requires airflow around it so that it can be as efficient as possible. Otherwise, it will break down.

“If you maintain your air conditioner regularly, you’ll save money on energy, as well as prolong the life of the unit.” If you inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit every year, it will work at 100% efficiency, reducing your energy bill significantly.

With the summer coming to an end soon, Guaranteed Industries recommends the inspection, maintenance and repair of your air conditioning unit.

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